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Aurora Publishers Invites Story Submissions
for The Fine Art of Hosting House Guests

For our upcoming release, The Fine Art of Hosting House Guests, we invite readers to submit stories - both good and bad - relating their experiences with house guests. Visit this page for details on this release and the contest.


Reviews for Grapette, The Runaway Who Rolled Away:

From Tatiana Fabergé, author The Fabergé Imperial Easter Eggs, and great-granddaughter of Carl Gustavovich Fabergé, legendary  jeweler and designer to the Russian Imperial Court:

“I am sure this book, with its inspirational story and whimsical fine art illustrations, will warm the hearts of all the little children who read it or have it read to them.”

From ForeWord Magazine:

Grapette, the Runaway Who Rolled Away is a delightful book for children ages 3 and up – just the type of book that parents will enjoy reading to their young children.”

Reviews from Readers:

“The book is terrific and I know the children will love it. The story is so clever and charming, and the illustrations are fabulous. I wish you the best of luck and success with them.”

Linda Janger, Los Angeles, California


Praise for Mama’s Home Remedies:

“The suggestions in this volume bring fruitful advice and invaluable worth. Most people have forgotten that the simple things are at the center of soulful nurturing and this health publication is an exemplary model of such authentic knowledge. This book offers us an outline of happiness and health. Everyone will benefit from these jewels of understanding and I am sure that you will be as rewarded as I was after embracing many of these natural prescriptions.”

Anna Maria Clement, NMD, PhD, codirector and chief health administrator of Hippocrates Health Institute

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'Dialogue with the Trees of Strength and Everlasting Life' in Mama’s Home Remedies. Svetlana Konnikova fills this delightful essay on the importance of trees in our lives with fascinating legends, appealing real-life personal and family stories, poetry, home remedies, interesting nature facts and motivating aphorisms. She even includes a chart of the Trees of Life; mine is the walnut, the tree of passion and power. Her descriptions of scenery paint colorful pictures that make me want to go to the places she portrays. I am proud that she quotes from my grandfather Joyce Kilmer’s poem, 'Trees'. I hope that her work will help to instill a deeper reverence for the environment in readers everywhere.”

Miriam A. Kilmer, artist and granddaughter of poet
Joyce Kilmer, author of “Trees”


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