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Web Design and Portal Development

FS develops Web sites using a holistic approach -- focusing not only on design or marketing or content, but on all aspects required to ensure Web Design with Skill and Stylethat our clients have a comprehensive, integrated, attractive online presence.

We specialize in creating sites for small businesses and nonprofit organizations, and are keenly aware of the need for practical, affordable solutions. Your site will be as striking to look at as it is technically accessible; as professionally edited as it is carefully optimized for the major search engines.

Want to know how this works? Here are the steps to choosing a designer and launching your Web site with the help of Falling Sky Web Design and Content Services.

Step 1 We encourage you to compile a list of design firms. (An easy way to find some prospects is to perform a search for the phrase "web design services" in directories and search engines such as Bing or Google. Soon you'll probably find at least four or five firms that look promising on first glance -- those whose sites are striking, error-free, and professional. Now, take a thorough tour through each firm's entire site. The information is important (and hopefully there will be plenty). Remember, their own site will be an example of the firm's skill and style. Now, go back and examine their portfolios, and look carefully through the candidates' past and current work. Which firm's qualifications and design sensibilities seem most in line with your needs?

Why are we recommending that you compare us with other design firms? Two reasons:
- We're confident that we'll be the firm you choose in the end.
- Most importantly, we want you to feel confident that your design is in good hands.

Step 1 Whether you have a fairly good idea of the site you need, or are less certain about the result you're looking for, we invite you to fill in our contact form to explain your situation. We'll ask questions, offer advice and recommendations, and have our researchers hunt up sample Web pages similar in theme to your own prospective site to help inspire you and solidify your ideas.

And if you hire FSP to develop the site, this consultation will be free! (See our regular consultation prices.)

Step 3Once the form has been completed, our staff will review your requirements, estimate a timeframe and cost, and return the quote back to you. (If necessary, we may get in touch with you to clarify some of your needs in order to ensure an accurate quote.)

Once you receive the quote, we encourage you to let us know if you have any questions or require further information to help you make your decision.

Getting down to business

You've decided to hire Falling Sky Web Design, Editing and Content Services to
create your Web presence. Now what?

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