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With twenty years of experience, not every project can be included in our portfolio. Below is a small selection of some of Kira Lerner's writing and other editorial projects (note: some are in PDF or MS Word format, others are links to online projects, where available; you may also view Ms. Lerner's resume):

Work for arts institutions (grant proposals, donor solicitations, speechwriting)

Website copy
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Blog posts, articles and interviews
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Fiction and screenplays
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Since we're discreet, we don't have any samples of our Book Doctoring services. However, we can provide references from clients if requested.

Below are several of the websites we've developed and/or maintained over the years. Click the thumbnails to view larger screenshots and descriptions of the projects, as well as links to the working sites (when available). On the popup window, you can use the VCR-like buttons to move forward, back, or play an automated slideshow of the entire portfolio. If you need help, click the "?" button.

Note: in the descriptions, you'll find links to the clients' live sites; these links will open up a new browser window -- just close the new window to return to FSP.

Brushware Magazine 2013

In 2003, 100-year-old Brushware Magazine, a trade publication, hired FSP to bring their industry magazine online, complete with a business directory that enables the magazine's advertisers to update their own listings. In 2013, it was time for a revamp to make the site accessible to a wider audience now using multiple devices. We created an attractive, flexible layout that adapts for widescreen computers, tablets, smartphones and all browser sizes.

American Window Cleaner

For American Window Cleaner Magazine, like Brushware, we revamped the site's structure to maintain its fresh, clean, airy feel while using responsive design to ensure its accessibility for multiple devices from computers to smartphones and tablets. Even the featured photo gallery on the homepage and multiple complex forms adapt beautifully to any width browser or screen size! We're also responsible for ongoing maintenance of the magazine's web-based content.


The 2013-launched nonprofit arts organization ChamberMusicNY needed a complete package, from a website to social media integration--and with our knowledge of and commitment to the nonprofit and arts world, Falling Sky hit just the right note! We thoroughly customized a Wordpress framework, resulting in a site that's easy for the CMNY staff to maintain itself (a must for nonprofits). This responsive site adapts to any screensize, from Retina-based HD resolutions to laptops to smartphones and other mobile devices. In addition to using clean CSS3 and XHTML, attractive colors, a custom slideshow, and multiple customized widgets within Wordpress, we also set up Google+, Youtube, Facebook and mailing list accounts to match the new design. With our help, the new CMNY site and these social media outlets truly make beautiful music together!

Web Serial Writing Month 2013

One of the projects founded by Falling Sky's Kira Lerner is Web Serial Writing Month, aka WeSeWriMo, the annual writing marathon for webserial authors. In 2013 the site, part of the EpiGuide Community (see below), got a revamp to ensure its accessibility for screens and devices of all sizes. We also run the challenge project, market it, and ensure that participants have the most productive month possible as they race to reach their own ambitious writing goals.

Werewolf Romances

When creating WerewolfRomances.com, a promotional site for two of author Kira Lerner's novels, we gave it the high impact, graphic feel of a film poster, keeping in mind the suspenseful, sexy theme of the books (published by Book By You). We wrote the content for each page to target a different audience: the main page emphasizes the romance in the story, the second focuses on the mystery/adventure elements. Using a simple CSS-based layout, striking colors, attractive inline popup tooltips describing the customizable characters, and embedded/linked video trailers, WerewolfRomances.com promotes these atmospheric, paranormal romantic suspense novels beautifully.

Classic Book By You

For Classic Book By You, the latest imprint from a publisher of personalized books, the site needed to be clean and modern yet still reflect the traditional, timeless nature of the product line--updated versions of beloved classic novels. Coupling a regal color palatte of purple and gold with a sleek layout, we added dynamic features including a horizontal slider with tooltips (an efficient way to display and describe the ever-expanding product line); Facebook and Twitter integration; interactive FAQ, lightshow/photo galleries, and personalization/order forms connecting to the publisher's existing shopping cart. We also wrote and edited most of the copy.

Teen Book By You

Teen Book By You is another division of personalized novels aimed at the tween/young adult market. We developed a dynamic, fresh presence to engage both young people and adults consisting of a bright, attractive and uncluttered layout; Facebook and Twitter integration; videos; lightshow/photo galleries, and personalization/order forms connecting to the publisher's existing shopping cart.

Mystery By You

Mystery By You, a new division from a publisher of personalized novels, needed an evocative, engaging site that captured the 'mystery' theme while still using plenty of bright, inviting colors. We created this CSS-based layout and custom images, integrated their existing extensive personalization/order forms, and wrote and edited most of the copy.

Argo Developers

The blog for this Florida luxury real estate firm gave us a challenge: customize an existing Wordpress template and add a gallery, animated header, Google ads, and a homepage that didn't 'look' like a blog. This sleek, bright site fits the bill! As the owners were new to blogging, we provided comprehensive, step-by-step tutorials allowing them to run the site. Unfortunately, this site is no longer available due to the passing of its owner.

Book By You Homepage

Their tenth anniversary led this personalized book publisher to ask us to kick their homepage's design up several much-needed notches. We gave them a CSS-based layout (lightens the page's download time considerably), graphics for their Flash banner, customized images featuring their novels, and a striking, jewel-like set of highlight boxes to showcase their three genre imprints.

IUV Magazine

The owners of Industry Utility Vehicle Magazine needed to put their own stamp on their trade publication's existing website. We provided them with an elegant, attractive but not-fussy CSS-based layout appealing to their technology-based readers; we also customized and continued to maintain their electronic edition service, ad banner program, and monthly email newsletter. Unfortunately, the magazine has since ceased production.

IUV Conference

The annual IUV Technology Conference required a sleek, eye-catching presence to invite attendees, highlight sponsors/exhibitors, provide comprehensive agenda/speaker details, and most importantly, allow for online registration. For 2008's conference, we also included a Flash gallery of the convention site, and updated the older site to a CSS layout.

Aurora Publishers

Aurora Publishers was a small but growing firm whose books focused on holistic remedies, centuries-old traditions for improving health, and beautifully illustrated children's stories based on folk tales. We gave them a warm, stunning site using a timeless yet classic artwork/mythology theme -- with a modern CSS layout, RSS-feed for one of their book blogs, and PayPal-based order forms. (Note: the link above takes you to a copy of the site on our server; the company is no longer in existence due to the untimely passing of its owner.)

Grapette: The Runaway Who Rolled Away

BabyGrapette.com showcases a charming children's book with lovingly-crafted illustrations depicting a little grape running off from its vine. Taking our cue from the book's adorable images, we created a fun, whimsical site (the menu in particular) in bright, cheerful colors to match the story's timeless appeal. (Note: the link above takes you to a copy of the site on our server; the company is no longer in existence due to the untimely passing of its owner.)

Mama's Home Remedies

The Mama's Home Remedies blog provided its author with a way to both promote her book and share her advice for natural, healthy living. Using an existing Wordpress template, we customized almost everything about the appearance and added Google ads, Feedburner and ShareThis modules, as well as search engine optimization features. (Note: the site is no longer available due to the untimely passing of its owner.)

Romance By You

Romance By You, a publisher of personalized romance novels, needed a vibrant, romantic and warm presence, together with easy to understand personalization forms, integration with online/email preview, gift certificate and photo upload scripts, shopping cart integration, ad banners, content editing and copywriting. We also provided ongoing site maintenance.

Kids Book By You

The Kids Book By You site reflects the fun, eye-catching and engaging appearance requested by this personalized children's book publisher. Attractive to both children and their parents, the site is also easy to navigate, and the design smoothly integrates the company's extensive order forms, online demo, gift certificate and photo upload scripts.

EpiGuide Web Entertainment Community

EpiGuide, devoted to Web-based entertainment, is an entirely integrated community and magazine using vBulletin message board software customized and administered by FSP. Our head-to-toe makeover of vBulletin, including dozens of modifications and plugins, won vBulletin's Board of the Month contest in August 2007. We also edit and moderate the site's content.

About Schuyler Falls

About Schuyler Falls is the flagship of FSP -- an original drama series (much like a serial novel or soap opera). We designed this site to match the dark, sexy, mysterious mood of this sophisticated and sometimes twisted saga, which has been one of the most acclaimed webseries since its premiere in 1997.