The Fine Art of Hosting House Guests...

Aurora Publishers Invites Story Submissions
for The Fine Art of Hosting House Guests

We are working on a new book about the fine art of hosting house guests and making them feel at home.

Yes, we have all had our share of house guests at one time or another -- the good, the bad and the truly ugly. We've whiled away countless hours as we slaved over hot stoves and spent whole paychecks to feed them, bent over backwards to show them local attractions and scenery and otherwise wracked our brains to coordinate their personalities to various entertainment venues, spit-shined the house from top to bottom and ultimately collapsed after they said their goodbyes.

As we look back on the experience, we usually admit that the visit was either fabulous and worth all the preparations we made in advance, or an exhausting raucous nightmare that we pledge never to endure again.

Here's your opportunity to submit your story about hosting house guests.


First Place: $250
Second Place: $150
Third Place: $100
Fourth Place: $50
Notable Stories: will be published in our collection The Fine Art of Hosting House Guests

Click here for submission guidelines and information. Good luck!


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